Xl Light ™ 50% Off

Xl Light ™ 50% Off

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The revolutionary car light that transforms your car into a celestial paradise. With a pack of 2-8 lights, you can easily attach them to the roof of your car with powerful magnets.

As you drive, XL Light projects a stunning array of stars onto the inside of your car, creating a space-like, futuristic atmosphere.

Whether you're driving at night or simply want to add some ambience to your ride, Xl Light is the perfect choice. Its atmospheric design fills the inside of your car with stars, adding a touch of magic to your travels.

Upgrade your car with Xl Light and experience the wonder of the cosmos wherever you go.




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Comes Included

- Two/Four/Eight Xl Lights

- Chargers

- Remote

- Magnets


We have a 14-day money back guarantee & return policy

These lights come with 6 different color modes

Deep Blue

Psychedelic Purple


Deep Red

Deep Green


Each mode can be changed with the remote control.