Sneekums Surprising Monkey (50% OFF)

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Christmas is coming. These little toys will be the hottest and best gifts to surprise your friends or family members. Order today to avoid the shipping hustle. Order now before they're sold out!


With a little Surprising Monkey, get ready, hide, and surprise! The furry boyfriend who came everywhere! Surprise your co-workers at any time! There are three modes to choose from: button mode, built-in timer mode, and mode wire. No batteries required. Including soup, so you can put your Surprising Monkey everywhere. Put it in a cup or pocket, pair an innocent springing office and watch yours as you make it pop up.

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Review from Joshua Clamors: "My friend has had this for almost 2 years, tons of laugh. I think if he had taken all the pranks that he did with this f*cking funny monkey, then he can make a "just for laugh" show on YouTube or Vimeo. See his "New Year Prank" in 2016"


Review from Martin Georgia: "Love it! Immediately started pranking my co-workers. So much fun!"