MamboFloat Baby Water Float - Swim Trainer (2 months - 2 Years)

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YOU ASKED! And we listened! Our exclusive new MamBoFloat Baby Water Float - Swim Trainer is the next generation swim trainer. Introduce your baby to water in a super safe environment whether it be in the pool or bathtub. Specifically designed with safety in mind, this is the perfect swim aid for your baby.

No more leaks and inflatables! This is made from PearlFoam™. This is a premium material that is moisture proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. This is soft and warm in the water. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, your baby will have a blast and build confidence as they learn to paddle and kick in the water in a natural and safe position. Simply put them into the crotch strap to secure them, and they're ready to go! No more risk of possibly slipping out or tipping in any direction.

Portable and easy to use, this baby body float is the ultimate accessory for you and your little bub. You can be rest assured they'll have a blast! 

Product Description:

  • Suitable for babies up from 3 months - 2 years old
  • Mambo Authorised Seller
  • Non inflatable. Made with high quality, environmental friendly PearlFoam™. This is a premium material that is moisture proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. Latex foam inside, swim cloth outside, this is baby skin friendly and suitable for baby's with sensitive skin. This is soft and warm in the water and will have no allergic effects on the skin.
  • No more accidental leakages from old inferior inflatables. Our PearlFoam™ material is for next generation of water buoyancy swim assist aids. 
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Allows your baby to learn to swim on their belly in a neutral position instead of a unnatural vertical position. 
  • Anti-flip design. This baby trainer pool float has widened sides for maximum buoyancy and the front of float is heightened to avoid tipping over. Your baby will be able to see and touch water by hands, the front is not high and there is a groove to their put chin on. No risk of accidental tipping in any direction.
  • Safety lock catch and harness vest so the baby doesn't slip when they are paddling. Two button hole and velcro to adjust. Double safety clasp, dual protection safety. Can use repeatedly and for long time. Built to for strong durability. 
  • Crotch strap. Extra security with legs support to avoid baby slipping out of flipping forward.
  • This baby swim trainer is light weight and very portable. You can take this to the beach and pool. Also a great to use in a bathtub to get your baby comfortable and confident in water. A great alternative to swimmies.
  • Great way to learn how to paddle and kick before swimming lessons.