Hatchibal Hatching Animals (75% OFF)

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This is the closest product to the famous Hatchimals which are SOLD OUT worldwide.

Product function: to teach children about animals during incubation, hatching process is slow, according to the actual hatching process design. Suitable to cultivate children patience, observation, etc., very interesting novelty toys.

1. Unpack the package to one or more pieces of the egg, the egg into the water until completely submerged.

(Note: The water temperature is below 30 degrees, do not sun exposure, the water temperature is too high, otherwise it will dinosaur sun of oh)

2.12-24 hours, eggshell began to crack, to keep the whole egg was flooded oh

  (Note: where and how dinosaurs hatched not fixed, oh, probably at the top may be in the middle)

3. After the dinosaurs hatched, still kept up, to keep patience, growing up, the dinosaur may

You can be misshapen, as long as they were flooded, it will be more complete. Out of the water may well become smaller Oh!